What's in a Brand?

An organization’s brand is much more than just a logo. It encompasses vision, values and beliefs. It positions us with our target audiences, it guides our visual, written and experiential communications as well as providing guideposts for making public realm decisions, commercial mix strategies, public art, events and promotions ad more.

It is important to note that an organization’s brand should be both authentic and aspirational. It should reflect who we are today, but also look ahead to who we’re working to become. Today, Centre Street is an eclectic mix of food, retail and commercial business owned by people from all over the world. Centre Street is also a bit down at heel after many years of uncertainty around development.

How do we see Centre Street tomorrow? What do you envision for the community and the district? How should we express ourselves to the rest of Calgary and to future business owners, developers, shoppers and residents. The successful brand will rely on a balance between an authentic expression of who we are today and an attainable promise about who we’ll be down the road.