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The Alley

A coffee-based smoothie topped with tapioca, crunchy crisps, cocoa and a thick layer of tiramisu cream.

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Polar Bear Kitchen

Say hello to our limited edition Peach & Tragacanth Gum – the dichotomy of a silky smooth texture with a chewy topping perfect for anyone!

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Royal Tea House

Mango Sago in Coconut Milk Fresh mango is dice cut as a layer between Sago and tasty coconut milk. The mix of mango and coconut

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Vivaan’s Yummies

Mango Kulfi is a traditional Indian frozen dessert made with milk, mango, nuts & cardamom. It is sinfully rich, delicious, creamy, and irresistible and has

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Bambu has a couple of gorgeous offerings for the festival including the  Mangonada, featuring mango, chamoy, tajin, tamarind and  ice and a gorgeous Blood Orange

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