BIA Matching Grant Program

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matching grant program

The Crescent Heights Village BIA Matching Grant program is a way to double your business investment on projects that make Crescent Heights Village more vibrant, safer, cleaner and stronger.

Your idea

How do you want to build your business this year?


You pay your half.


We match your investment.


We make Crescent Heights Village better together!

Project must show a benefit to the BIA community either by bringing new customers to the area, improving the streetscape or other benefits. Examples include: 

  • A direct mail marketing campaign (BIA logo must be included)

  • A social media campaign (BIA tags must be included)

  • An influencer campaign (BIA tags must be included)

  • Lights for the outside of your store

  • Window cleaning

  • A paint job for your door/trim

  • A new awning

  • Window display/art

  • Patio expenses

  • Etc.

Matching grants support the completion of a project that demonstrates the following:

  • A direct benefit to the business, and
  • A direct benefit to the BIA community

Eligibility and approval of projects will be determined by the BIA staff and a committee of board members.

BIA Involvement

The BIA must be included in the project by:

  • The provision of regular updates on project status
  • The opportunity to create social content about the project as it’s being executed
  • Inclusion of the BIA logo on printed and digital materials
  • The inclusion of the #YouBelonginCHV hashtag on digital materials
  • Other ways as determined appropriate by the BIA and the participating business.

Partner Contributions

  • The BIA matching grant can be applied to projects receiving funds from other sources as long as the business makes its own investment of at least the amount requested of the BIA. For example. If your project costs $1,000 and you receive third-party funds for $500, you must invest your own $300 to receive the BIA’s maximum contribution of $200.
  • The BIA matching grant can be applied to projects representing partnerships between BIA businesses with each participating business being eligible to receive up to $200 in matched funds. For example, if the project costs $1,000 and involves two BIA businesses, the BIA will reimburse each business for $200, and each participating business must invest $300 to make up the total. Each business must submit its own application and indicate the partnership on the form.

Matching Grant Funding and Payment Matching

Grant funds will not be released until all the following conditions are met:

  • Proof of project completion as described in the application has been provided to the BIA
  • The project hasn’t undergone any material changes from the application that haven’t received prior written agreement by the BIA
  • Receipts for the business’ investment have been provided
  • Proof of third-party/partner contribution have been provided (if applicable)

Matching Grant BIA Logo Use Guidelines

The following guidelines on the use of the BIA name and emblem are RI policy. Please follow them when naming your project and in any literature you may develop.

BIA Name: Crescent Heights Village Business Improvement Area. This may be shortened to Crescent Heights Village BIA, but no other abbreviations are permitted.

BIA Logo: Upon approval of your project, the BIA will provide you a suite of logos in JPG, PNG and .eps file formats. Please do not use any logos that didn’t come from this suite. Use of the logo requires BIA approval each time to ensure branding guidelines are followed.

 If you have questions, please contact Camie Leard at the Crescent Heights Village BIA: (403) 701-7686,

  1. You tell us about the project
  2. We love it or ask for amendments
  3. You complete your project
  4. You send us the receipts 
  5. We reimburse you for half up to $250
  1. You know your business best and what will have the greatest impact for you. The BIA wants to help you make it happen.
  2. The Matching Grant program is a way to leverage the pool of money you put into the BIA’s budget every year. 
  3. The Matching Grant is a way to help individual businesses and the neighbourhood as a whole at the same time. 

If you’re a member in good standing of the Crescent Heights Village BIA, you’re eligible for the program! Don’t know if you are? Contact us at to find out. 

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