Spring is here!

Welcome to the first day of spring, Crescent Heights Village! After a long winter, we’re finally stepping into a season filled with promise and warmth.

As we bid farewell to the colder days, let’s look forward to the exciting possibilities that come with the arrival of spring. From the blossoming flowers to the longer, sun-filled days, there’s an unmistakable air of rejuvenation around us.

Here’s our quick guide to help you refresh, recharge, and explore the village this spring!

Let’s make the most of this beautiful season together!

Freshen Up Your Space

The arrival of spring naturally brings to mind images of blossoming flowers, symbolizing renewal and growth. Our local spots are brimming with a variety of options and ideas designed to help you infuse your home or workspace with a touch of spring! 

Besties Floral Café

Right on Centre Street, Besties Floral Café is a great spot to visit while you soak up that famous Calgary sunshine!

Not only do they offer ready-to-go grab-and-grow spring bouquets, but you can also check their schedule and participate in Fresh Floral Workshops. These workshops teach you the basics of arranging a hand-tied fresh floral bouquet. 

The Botanist

Looking to start your garden? Look no further than The Botanist just off Edmonton Trail. their team can guide and assist you with their years of expertise, Whether its edible flowers, herbs or spring bulbs and tubers we got you covered.

CIY House Of Yoga 

From introductory classes, workshops, and retreats, this is an excellent starting point if you are just beginning your journey towards Zen.

If you find yourself enjoying your classes, they also offer a monthly flat-rate membership that provides unlimited access to both in-person and online courses, a comprehensive digital library of classes, and many other great benefits!

Free Spirit Dance 

Have you ever wondered why King Kong on Centre Street is wearing a tutu?

Well, that’s because Free Spirit Dance, Calgary’s most unique dance studio for adults, has taken up the space to offer drop-in dance classes that are great for getting moving and meeting new people!

Pulse Studios 

Jump right into a groove with Pulse Studios Calgary’s premiere hip hop Whether you are an experienced dancer looking to level up your skills, want to join a dance crew, or you are new to dancing and may even be nervous to try, Pulse is your destination!  

 Yoga Sarana

Yoga Sarana is focused on inclusion, on community and on fun, safe and accessible yoga practise. 

They have all levels – no matter if it is your first time on the mat to your five hundredth! Come enhance your health and find your balance, with them!

Take Your Body into The Shop

Sometimes we just need a little adjustment and fine-tuning to help us feel our best, and a little bit of self-care can go a long way to make that happen. 

Chiropractors In Crescent Heights 

Massage Therapists in Crescent Heights

Nothing compares to treating yourself or your Valentine to a little self-care, pampering, and relaxation, especially during the heart of winter. Plus, feeling great is just a bonus. Also, gift certificates can elevate those bouquets too!

A Walk In The Park


There is nothing quite like putting on your best walking shoes and just heading out the door to take in the breathtaking views that make up our City and Village! 


Diversity is at the heart of Crescent Heights Village, and when it comes to dining, the options are endless. Within a seven-block radius, you can journey from Vietnam to Africa, Japan to Italy, Greece, and beyond. As we’ve said before, if you’re unsure about what you want to eat, simply take a walk, you’ll find it.

  • Rotary Park: Celebrated for offering one of the finest panoramas of Downtown Calgary, captivates visitors with its beautifully maintained walkable paths. Nestled adjacent to tennis courts and a lawn bowling area, the park provides a perfect blend of scenic beauty and recreational facilities. 

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