Crescent Heights Village BIA Pilot: Graffiti Remediation Matching Program


Each year, the Community Standards (Bylaw) arm of the City of Calgary awards grants to communities to help them maintain clean and safe neighbourhoods. Given graffiti was Crescent Heights’ #1 bylaw complaint in 2021, we applied for a grant to run a pilot program that partners the BIA with area businesses/building owners in remediating graffiti in the area by 1. Sharing the cost of graffiti removal, and 2. Installing graffiti-proof wraps on a number of poles in the area. Our grant application has been approved.



  • The BIA will pay for a weekly sweep of the area to identify new graffiti between July 1 and September 30 and share the cost of removal of any tags with the property/business owner.
  • If the pilot program is well-utilized and meets the goal of reducing graffiti complaints by 50% this summer, the board will include implementing a permanent program in conversations around the 2023 Clean and Safe budget.  
  • When graffiti on private property is identified, the BIA will contact the business owner/property owner to offer to pay 50% of the cost of timely removal.
  • Business owners/property owners can also contact the BIA if they notice new tags on their properties.
  • The graffiti removal company will bill the BIA and the BIA will, in-turn bill the business/property owner for 50% of the cost to be paid within 30 days. 



  • This pilot program allows for weekly sweeps ($350/month for three months) plus 60 incidents of mid-sized graffiti removal ($3,000) with the BIA and the business/property owner splitting that cost 50/50.
  • Smaller and larger tags will also be included in the program, but we based the budget on the average.
  • A $2,100 budget for 6 anti-graffiti pole wraps is also included. Wraps can serve as branding, wayfinding, historical education or public art.
  • The pilot runs from July 1 to September 30, 2022 or until the allocated funds have been used up, whichever comes first. 
  • The pole wraps will be installed by the end of June 2022

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