Crescent Heights Businesses and Residents Press City for Interim Solutions

North-leg Green Line delay causes uncertainty in historic Calgary neighbourhood

July 18, 2023, Calgary, AB – More than two years after making an initial request that the City address the impact of Green Line uncertainty in Crescent Heights, the Crescent Heights Village Business Improvement Area (BIA) and Crescent Heights Community Association (CHCA) are once again pressing council and administration for long overdue improvements.

“When the Green Line project was split into “south of the River” (Phase 1) and “north of the River” (Phase 2) in June 2021, we knew right away there would be issues for our community, says Camie Leard, executive director of the Crescent Heights Village BIA. “With Phase 2 being contingent on no cost-escalations in Phase 1, construction north of the river became uncertain, which makes it impossible for businesses in the area to plan their futures.”

It is also causing concern for residents according to the Transportation Planning & Mobility committee of the CHCA.

 “This type of uncertainty stifles the confidence of both residential and commercial investors in our community.  The community of Crescent Heights needs to be allowed to reach its full potential, a community that has a welcoming Main Street with a progressive public realm which promotes economic vitality and investment,” says Marie Semenick-Evans, co-chair of the committee. “Green Line construction came with many promises including new sidewalks, pedestrian safety measures, improved public realm, seating areas and other improvements to Centre St., all of which are important to making Crescent Heights a vibrant, walkable and safe community. We’ve been asking the City for interim solutions given the timing of Green Line construction uncertainty and the response has been sluggish.”

With letters sent by both organizations to council and administration in 2021 and numerous meetings with administration since, the BIA and CHCA sent a renewed call for action today.

“We’ve both sent letters to all City stakeholders expressing our frustration at the minimal response to our concerns,” says Leard. “While businesses and residents do have their own unique concerns, the BIA and the CA stand united in many of the requests we’ve made for Centre St. improvement including a slower speed limit and speed enforcement, noise bylaw enforcement, safer parking and a general move towards treating Centre St. as the designated Main Street it is.”

The CHCA agrees that improvements to the public realm are long overdue and are very much needed to support the interests of the businesses and the residents of the community.

“It could be many years before Green Line construction comes to Crescent Heights,” says Semenick-Evans. “With no clear timeline, we want to make sure the public realm of Centre St. isn’t left to languish or deteriorate any further in the meantime.”

Find the BIA’s letter here.

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