Volunteers Wanted!

You may have noticed a lot of colourful additions to the neighbourhood over the winter. Between the Community Association and the BIA, public art has arrived in Crescent Heights and Crescent Heights Village! From murals to game tables and art benches, we’re beginning to accumulate some great art pieces for the community to enjoy. And, because they’re outside and exposed to the elements, they’ll need some care to ensure their longevity and usability. That’s where you come in!

The Crescent Heights Village BIA and Crescent Heights Community Association are looking for a few good folks who would like to get outside for a couple of hours every week or two, walk the neighbourood, tidy up, report damage and graffiti and be a part of our Public Art Care (PAC) Team!

Here’s what’s involved:


 Anyone 18+ (or with a legal guardian) who is able to walk, bend, carry up to 20 lbs, have access to running water and email.




  • Examine murals and art pieces for graffiti and damage and report your findings by email.
  • Wipe down game tables and benches using BIA equipment including a bucket, a gallon jug (for water) a squeegee for washing/scrubbing and removing water and microfiber cloths for drying
  • In the winter, brush snow and ice off the artwork and clear off dust on warmer days.
  • Access and return materials to the community placemaking seacan behind Tigerstedt block.
  • Report any damage to equipment or if cloths need washing, etc. to the BIA.




  • Centre St. N between 8th and 14th Avenues (art benches).
  • Magic walk mural
  • Rotary Park (lion, game tables, toy box),
  • Crescent Park (toy box)




We’d like to see this done weekly throughout the summer and every two weeks and after snowfalls in the winter. Depending on the number of volunteers we recruit for the PAC team, your commitment could range from weekly to monthly. And the areas could be broken up as well to make shorter routes.




To keep the public art in Crescent Heights beautiful and functional for the community. To get involved in making your neighbourhood great. To meet some of your neighbours and business owners in Crescent Heights Village. To get outside and move. Gifts and perks from sponsors and area businesses.




Sign up using the form below

Join the PAC Team!

If you're under 18, please provide the name and contact information for your legal guardian. Your guardian must be with you for each volunteer shift.
Check all that apply. You will be given an opportunity to choose your shifts.
Feel free to elaborate in the box below about any experience or limitations you have regarding working in partnership with others. Note that all Alberta Health directives to limit the spread of COVID-19 will be followed.
Crescent Heights Village aims to create a community in which everyone belongs and has the opportunity to be a part of everything we do. We are happy to arrange accommodations for people with disabilities or other circumstances that may require additional consideration.

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