You Belong Bench Artist


In September 2020, Crescent Heights Village participated in Calgary’s Park(ing) Day celebrations by inviting the community to come and paint some art benches in support of Calgary Pride. As September is Pride Month in Calgary, we worked with community leader Tyson Bankert to create a template using pride and trans pride colours in a mosaic format and set the community loose to paint the benches. 

We had a great time and some great conversations while making art and supporting a great cause! 

Non-Profit Partner: Calgary Pride

Photo from CandadianCMF Facebook
  • Mission: Calgary Pride is a not-for-profit organization that exists to promote equality and celebrate Calgary’s diversity.
  • Vision: Our city, free from discrimination against gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.
  • Values
    • Equality: We create an environment where everyone enjoys the same universal rights.
    • Celebration: We celebrate the cultural landscape and history of our community.
    • Learning: We facilitate the growth of a just and inclusive society through continuous learning.
    • Respect: We cultivate a city that embraces diversity with respect and dignity.
    • Collaboration: We engage the community, seeking opportunities for mutual benefit.

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