You Belong Bench Artist

Harvey Nichol

Harvey Nichol is a professional contemporary artist with four years of experience in facilitating multiple successful art exhibitions, city murals, and events. With an exciting and vibrant street-art style, Harvey communicates his love of hip hop culture not only in his work, but also in his spare time as a youth leader with the Refreshed Hip-Hop Crew Free Hip Hop and Urban Arts Program.

Harvey is working with the ReFreshed Crew on his You Belong Art Bench

Non-Profit Partner: ReFreshed Crew

Photo from ReFreshed Crew Facebook
  • ReFreshed Crew aspires to support Indigenous and vulnerable youth towards their full potential through a community of empowerment. Through a shared love of hip-hop culture and art, we hope to inspire change that allows
    our members to achieve their life goals. For many of our members, ReFreshed Crew provides the necessary outlet to channel the frustration and hardship that they experience in everyday life. Hip-hop allows ReFreshed Crew to connect to our members in a way that many cannot, the connection formed between mentor and student is what we are all about. We value mentorship, empowerment, liberation, creating opportunities for success and giving our members the skills to overcome obstacles and break cycles of oppression.

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