You Belong Bench Artist

Jae Sterling

Jae Sterling is a multidisciplinary artist and founding member of the SANSFUCCS collective. A musician at heart, he has also extended his art form over the years to include painting (acrylic & oil), digital design, mixed media, and writing.

Through his early years in Kingston, Jamaica to the landscapes of North America, Jae spent the past few years developing his artistry by weaving his experiences growing up in Jamaica, South Florida, and coming into adulthood In Canada into all his projects.

In 2020, Sterling embarked on an ambitious, year-long multimedia exhibition, Riding Horses With White Men (RHWWM). This exhibition is currently on a cross Canada. Jae was recently commissioned to paint a 3000 square foot mural, titled The Guide & Protector, in Calgary’s Chinatown, celebrating Black lives, making him the city’s first Black male solo muralist.

Jae is working with the Canadian
Cultural Mosaic Foundation
 on his You Belong Art Bench.

Non-Profit Partner: Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation

Photo from CandadianCMF Facebook
  • The Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation (CanadianCMF) is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteer millennials who work to improve race relations and mitigate racism by creating cultural understanding through multicultural education, technology and arts. 

  • History: CanadianCMF started out as a multicultural volunteer group in 2009 made up of post-secondary students in Calgary, and officially registered as a not-for-profit in 2015. The head office is in Calgary but the work is on a national basis.

  • Vision: Educate Canadians  |  Mitigate Racism  |  Promote Multiculturalism

  • Values: Multiculturalism. Inclusion. Collaboration. Education. Love. 

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