You Belong Bench Artist

Kathy Wong

Kathy Wong studied Alberta University for the Arts and graduated with honours in Visual Communications. She is a designer and illustrator who has worked in Malaysia, Singapore and here in Alberta. While currently retired from her design career, Kathy continues to offer artistic services on a volunteer basis by teaching art to local seniors as well as painting murals at the Calgary Cultural Centre, Wah Ying Mansion and Clover Living.


Kathy is working with Divercities (formerly the Calgary Chinese Community Service Association) on her You Belong Art Bench.

Non-Profit Partner: Diversecities

Photo from Diversecities website
  • To visible minorities, marginalized groups, both young and old, Diversecities is a community service that provides assistance in key life areas (career, social, family, and legal). At Diversecities, we form long-term relationships and personally guide new Calgarians to ensure their full potential.

  • Our Mission: We aim to return to the very core of the principles the organization was founded on: to create an inclusive and supportive society, where all peoples have equitable access to every aspect of good that Canada has to offer. Through collaboration and education, the objectives of Diversecities are:
    • To act as a bridge for all newcomers to mainstream institutions and organizations and help them to build positive social ties and networks.
    • To encourage and empower individuals to have full and equitable access and participation in Canadian society.
    • To develop community resources through voluntary participation, community networks and coalition building.
    • To create an environment in this country in which the rights of all individuals are fully recognized and protected.
    • To facilitate understanding and cooperation between all ethnic, cultural and racial groups in Canada.
    • To promote an inclusive society in which people’s life chances are maximized by equipping them with knowledge and skills, awareness of services and procedures so as to increase their self-confidence and independence.

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