BIAs are Great for Business

BIAs Advocate for Members

Whether it’s Green Line construction, parking and mobility issues, COVID funding, government relations or other relevant issues, your BIA spends hundreds of hours a year advocating for your interests. 

BIAs Amplify Your Money

Through grants, collaborations and sponsorships, your BIA creates value that far exceeds the BIA levy. In fact, in 2020/21, we added more than $60,000 to the budget as well as hundreds of volunteer hours on your behalf!

BIAs Bring Customers to Crescent Heights Village

Through branding, marketing, social media, community relations, signage, events and media relations, your BIA creates opportunities for people to gather in Crescent Heights Village. 

BIAs Make the Area Clean and Safe

Your BIA coordinates a nightly security patrol of the area as well as litter cleanup, graffiti removal, public art care and cleaning as well as a new, daily garbage and recycling collection and removal – which is free for Crescent Heights Village. 

BIAs are Connectors

Your BIA acts as a liaison between you and the City, between you and other businesses in the area and you and other organizations and opportunities to help you grow your business. These might include co-marketing opportunities, networking, training and development programs and more.

BIAs are an Information Conduit

Through our newsletter, website, social media and good-old-fashioned meetings and phone calls, your BIA collects information relevant to your business and puts it all in one place for your convenience. This includes Covid updates from various levels of government, grants, financing and other opportunities, learning and networking opportunities, translating important communications into other languages and more.

BIAs Help Create a Friendly Streetscape

Your BIA encourages people to visit and to stay in the area by creating an inviting environment in which to shop, eat, work and socialize. We do this through public art, greenery, public seating, signage and more. 


Contact your BIA for more information on how we can help you make the most of your membership.