YYC BBT and Asian Dessert Festival

Mark your calendars, bubble tea fanatics: YYC BBT and Asian Dessert Festival is back for the second summer!! passionate about bubble tea, and the debate over which is best is heated. Now it is time to settle it and declare a winner!

With more than 20 different contestants throughout the Crescent Heights Village, Chinatown and International Avenue BIAs, some of the city’s best will compete with their drinks and desserts to take home the crown.

If you aren’t familiar with bubble tea – or Boba –  a broad term that can refer to chewy black tapioca pearls or slushy fruit drinks or a pumped-up drink that may be topped with cheese foams or Oreos. Essentially, boba is a phrase for all the delicious drinks sold in a bubble tea shop and we have a stellar list of contestants. Whether it be the traditionalists like the Mango purple sticky rice drink from Chewgurt Yummy or Koi’s mango pomelo sago with coconut milk, there is a BBT on our list for everyone. Yum!

And that’s not all. This year we decided to extend the options for deliciousness to other types of Asian desserts. Black Sesame croffles from Chewgurt, Sucre  Pastisserie’s mango or strawberry roll cake and Rau Bistros entry with Che Banh Lot, a delicious Vietnamese jelly dessert. Cakes, pastries, ice creams, BBT’s and more…. This is sure to be a festival favourite throughout the city that you don’t want to miss. 

Click here for a full list of all participants and get your vote on. We’ll see you at the BBT and Asian Dessert Fest, Calgary! Get ready to par-tea!!