Gord Hobbins: Gord’s Running Store
Gord Hobbins started running when visiting his cousins in England and they joined a race on a lark. As they trained, his cousins’ interest waned, but Gord was hooked. 

Over the years, running has helped him deal with health challenges as well as creating a huge community of runners. Eventually, of course, it gave him a career which started with him managing a running store and eventually taking on the ownership of Gord’s Running Store. 

Crescent Heights is adjacent to North America’s largest bike (and running!) path systems in North America and Gord’s gospel is that you can run outdoors all year ’round with the right equipment and knowledge. You can gain that experience by joining one of the running groups he hosts through Gords Running Store, or simply visit the store for a chat about what your goals are and how you can start working toward them. 

Gord was on the founding board of directors for the Crescent Heights Village BIA and was instrumental in its formation in 2019. Thanks for all you do for the community, Gord! 

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